Who are we?

Our Mission

Our mission at Geo Services, Inc. is to provide innovative, cost effective solutions to the geotechnical engineering challenges brought to us by our clients. We do this with a dedicated team of engineers, technicians, drillers, and office staff all working towards the success of our projects.

Our Team

We see to our mission firstly through hiring the very best at their craft. Next, we incorporate hard work, perseverance, grit, and a passion for never ending education regarding our craft to accomplish the goals of our client and ourselves to answer the questions that the project brings forth.

"Without the intelligence and dedication of my staff, I never would have been able to get Geo Services, Inc. off the ground floor. I promise you, they will solve every problem you bring to us."

- President Julian Rueda

Our Equipment

Here at Geo Services, Inc., we own and operate all of our own drill rig equipment from our large drilling shop/warehouse located at 1112 N. Vine Street in New Lenox, IL. In 2006, we also acquired the long-time well-regarded local 150 union chicago drilling firm of D&G drilling who relocated our drilling operations to New Lenox.

Our Equipment Includes...